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dual_survival's Journal

Dual Survival slash
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reviews, slash fanfiction, fanart, videos and more...

This community is dedicated to the Discovery Channel show Dual Survival. It features survival and primitive living specialists Cody Lundin and Dave Canterbury. Somehow these awesome guys manage not only to be informative and to come across as tough as it gets but also have so much bromance and homoerotism going on it makes my little fangirl heart explode. So much interesting teasing, potential conflict, friendship and other psychological aspects to work with, you guys. ^_^

Here will be a place for anything related to Dual Survival, Cody and Dave. News, reviews of the episodes, general raving or ranting, fanfiction and fanart, picspam, icons, videos.. whatever your heart desires.

There are a couple of tiny little rules:

1. Picspam: Please remember to put the majority of the stuff under a cut, otherwise this place is soon going to look like a balloon or something. :)

2. If you'd like to post something not children-/work-free like fanfiction or images with a higher rating, please use a lj-cut.

3. All fanfiction must have a header that includes rating and a disclaimer!

4. I guess this community will stay fairly small so it is not moderated. Just be nice, okay?

5. This community is slash- (gay, homosexual, homoerotic and all that jazz) and fangirl-friendly...

6. ...which doesn't mean we can't have a nice discussion about survival techiques or other topics related to the show or Cody and Dave. :)